Who was Mahalalel?

Who was Mahalalel?

Luke 3 v 37 “the son of Mahalalel”

This strange name means ‘God shines’ and also ‘praise of God’.

At a time where the light of God in people’s lives seemed to be growing dimmer there comes a man called ‘God shines’.

It matters not how dark the world can get nor who rules the land we live in. In the midst of fear from the threats of man and the lies and manipulation of selfish people there can live lights shining bright, waiting and available to the story of God. Faithful names holding on to a much more faithful God. People of God who hold worship as the foundation of their life.

Even only 4 generations down from Adam and the creation is groaning and yet there are signs that some people are at least carrying hope in their hearts. Lights in the darkness, praise in midst of the cursing. Maybe Mahalalel’s demeanour is different to all the rest of his generation. Maybe he really does shed the light of God. Though his circumstance was dark and dismal, maybe he is the one who constantly praises God despite and in all circumstances.

No matter what you face today your face can reflect a picture of the divine. This is not make-up, a pretend that all is going to be okay attitude. This is an assurance that whatever happens you belong to Him who died for you.
So let your enemies look intently as you shine the glory of the Lord in a dark world.

John 8:12 ““I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

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