Who is Kenan?

Who is Kenan?

Luke 3 v 37 “the son of Kenan”

The great-grandson of Adam has a name which means ‘possession’ or ‘to build a nest’.

There is nothing about him except his name and that he died before the flood but would have seen the rising prophetic voice of Enoch and Noah.

Kenan is identical to that of Cain but with an added ending. That ending means to chant a dirge. So maybe Enosh thought that his son would be like the cry of an eagle high in a nest reminding the people of lamenting.

It is all speculation of course and playing with meaning of words.

But what I believe is certain is that in the 3 centuries after creation mankind as they knew it had grown from a small family to 2 tribes who were already deep rivals. The tribe of Seth (the line of Christ) of which obviously Kenan is from was trying to walk with their Creator as best they could. Enosh would never have named his child after the rebel and wayward son of Adam, Cain. Cain had founded the rival tribe in Nod. But the Seth family were different and Enosh knew it.

Far from perfect I am sure but we like Kenan are the prophetic symbol of being like Cain’s family, a possessor. However, we are high in the nest crying over what we see far in the distance. Lamenting over people who have walked far from their Creator. We possess but not like Cain’s family. We don’t possess at all costs. We don’t kill our brother to possess. We walk in line with Christ.

We must learn:

To build a high nest. We must see what God wants to show us. We must view the possession, the inheritance that is ours in Christ. We must get to the top of the hills surrounding our cities, we must map out our towns and look at the demographics and the needs and challenges of the people. We must see people who Christ died for.

To lament. We must learn to weep. Weeping not only because we have had fires in our buildings. Weeping not only because of persecution. Weeping not only because of Christianity being marginalised continually in the freedom of speech etc. All that is good weeping. But we must find our voice to lament and wail that still today Christ’s presence is on the earth but they do not recognise Him. We must weep over those who are lost. We must weep over the desperation of people’s lives. We only hang on a cross for people if we have first learnt how to weep for them.

To possess. We must move. We must do something. We must say enough is enough. I have a Pastor in Birmingham who is 67 years of age and full of passion, more than I have seen in those half his age. He had 3 teenagers of parents saying they didn’t want to come to church anymore. That was the sum total of his youth generation. He didn’t have a youth club. He couldn’t afford to buy into a national pioneering youth initiative to launch a youth work. So because he knew what it is to work hard, because he had been down the pits as an engineer and knew that at times life gets tough and if we are going to possess anything we have to roll our sleeves up, this is what he did. He got a snooker table and a table tennis table and this 67 year old Pastor started a youth group on a Friday night for the 3 teenagers. He moved in and possessed their futures within the Church. It causes me to weep with joy. The Church in the UK need more of these men and women who will get up and possess.

We need a move of Kenan people. May they rise up today!

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