Take nothing

Take nothing

Luke 9 v 3 “He told them: “Take nothing for the journey—no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt.”


Yesterday I attended a pastoral interview which I often do between Church leaders and a prospective Pastor. This potential leader if coming to this Church is going to have to be bi-vocational in order to supplement his income. One Church leader suggested that he consider getting the train to the city which is a short journey away for more opportunities for himself and the candidate replied that he would prefer if possible to get a job in the small town where the Church is so that he could meet the locals and interact with them. I thought what a great answer and I reflect on that this morning as I read this verse.

Jesus giving instructions to the Twelve not to go and buy extra stuff for the journey is not only indicating the need to get going and not to be weighed down by stuff. But it also reveals that they are to depend on other people to help them along the way with food and accommodation. Jesus was creating the opportunity for interaction between them and the people they go to in the villages and towns.

We often think it is rude to rely on people and so we go it alone living as independent as we possibly can. But think of the gospel opportunities.

Do our decisions in life mean we meet more people who do not know Jesus? If the Gospel is the most important thing then maybe a job with a smaller income and less prospects but with greater connections is better than something that provides more income.

Maybe going on a bus instead of taking the car creates more opportunity to meet people.

I think Jesus wants us to connect with more people in this journey.

So perhaps take nothing or do something which means more people will be interacting with you along the gospel road.

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