Gospel hospitality

Gospel hospitality


Luke 9: 4 “Whatever house you enter, stay there until you leave that town.”

I was on the border of India and Nepal and I had just checked into my hotel at 5 dollars per night. It was a bargain I thought until I opened my bedroom door to find 2 monkeys sat on my bed. I went down to the reception and after asking if I had paid extra for the monkeys demanded they be removed. They had entered through an open window. It was then I did think about moving hotels.

We were in Burkina Faso and had stayed the night in a Pastors home, 3 men all so tired (that was my excuse) and we laid down to sleep in the same room on straw mats. It wasn’t ideal but we were glad for somewhere to stay and we were soon in dreamy land. In the morning we were woken by the children laughing as 3 white men were laid on their floor snoring louder than the cockerels outside. The children had never seen white men and they had never heard such a noise!

The stories could continue! I am sure you have many stories too of staying in strange and yet wonderful places. Thankful for the hospitality offered to you.

Jesus and the Twelve were living at a time and culture when hospitality gave the opportunity for refreshing the dusty feet, receiving scented oil, food, shelter and friendship. Jesus had demonstrated to them on numerous occasions just what could be achieved in hospitable homes. Healings, teachings and even resurrections could happen!

When the gospel is everything then sometimes we find ourselves in places that though hospitable are far from being luxurious. You may be in a situation today that isn’t ideal but you are where God wants you to be for the gospel. That may be more than a home, it could be your work or friendship group.

Don’t start looking around at other situations and thinking of jumping from one place to the next, stay where you are, the gospel is needed there.

You don’t need to think about holding Gospel films and start evangelistic meetings, handing tracts out etc. Just stay. Be normal, enjoy the hospitality. Establish friendship. Help within that community. You will soon be working with a Person of Peace who will be the entry point into the hearts of many people.

All because you stayed. All because you accepted hospitality.



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