Head down and get on with it.

Head down and get on with it.

Luke 9: 6-9 “So they set out and went from village to village, proclaiming the good news and healing people everywhere. Now Herod the tetrarch heard about all that was going on. And he was perplexed because some were saying that John had been raised from the dead, others that Elijah had appeared, and still others that one of the prophets of long ago had come back to life. But Herod said, “I beheaded John. Who, then, is this I hear such things about?” And he tried to see him.”

The Twelve are experiencing a move of God. Sent, moving from one place to the next, this was a successful mission! People were listening to the parables that they had memorised from Jesus, they heard a new kingdom, a powerful and influential kingdom and above all lives were changed forever.

All this can be going on and yet …! It is incredible to think but it is true that you may be in the middle of a move of God and yet others nearby have totally got the wrong idea.

Some were saying that John the Baptist had resurrected.

Some were saying Elijah had resurrected.

Some were saying one of the old prophets had been resurrected.

Herod the Tetrarch was perplexed and tried to see Jesus. He had John killed because he feared him but it seems he feared him more now he had been killed. Had John come back to torture him? He was anxious and desperate to see Jesus to deal with the matter. All because some were saying…

You can be doing exactly what God wants you to do. You can be elevating Jesus in all you do honouring and glorifying God. And yet some will be saying whilst you do that something quite opposite.

Just because some are saying doesn’t mean it is true.

Sometimes some that are saying amounts to only 2 anonymous people! Other times it may be many more.

It does not matter what people are saying. It is what you are saying and doing that is important. Head down and get on with it!

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