Luke 11:3 “Give us each day our daily bread.”

After all God has done for us….

He has loved us.

He has raised us to a new life.

He has saved us by grace.

He has made us a new creation in Christ.

So is this not a bit self-centred to be asking for things?


We ask in the shadow of what we have already said.

We come into HIS intimate, personal presence acknowledging HIS Fatherly care.

We desire HIS name to be honoured.

We welcome HIS rule over our rule, HIS kingdom to invade ours and the lives of others.

It is then from that place we are ready to pray, “Give.”

The illustrative stories Jesus then shares shows us we pray for good gifts or indeed the Holy Spirit.

But like Peter who prayed for food but was given a lesson on prejudice.

Or like Paul who wants his pain gone but is given grace.

We may also pray GIVE but we get strength to go through the trial not relief from it. Why?

Because we ask in the shadow of the Fathers care of HIS Name and HIS Kingdom over our lives.

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