Give us each day

Give us each day

Luke 11 v 3 “Give us each day our daily bread”

This is more than praying for other’s needs. This is praying for what you need in light of others.

The Jews thought the Messianic age would be a golden age for them. In fact it would be all about them. But the response of Jesus is what can God do through you for others?

So we bring our request after we have acknowledged the Father’s care, once we have honoured His name and desired His kingdom rule in our lives. But we bring our request in light of the benefit to others.

What do you need that will benefit others today?

This is not some random vague request for God’s provision sometime in the future. Rather, it is today. He will provide for us each day, for today.

Today is the most important day. Tomorrow has not been made yet, but it waits for you to think, speak and behave today before it comes into being.

Today is the day the Lord has made (Psalm 118:24)

You are now in a 24 hour period that you will never have again. You didn’t have it yesterday and you won’t have it tomorrow. Satan is out to attack your today. He’s not interested in tomorrow but today. He is planning to mess it up, cause problems and to do everything he can to make it into a bad day. He uses yesterday to do that and he knows if he can destroy today he has broken your tomorrow.

The words ‘each day’ are mirrored to the word in the same sentence, ‘daily’.

Behind this prayer is a truth: God loves us totally and we are dependent on Him.

Jesus lived dependent on the Father, “I cannot do anything on my own,” John 5:30.

Jesus is teaching us in this prayer to acknowledge our total dependence on God each day.

He is waiting for a heart today that is dependent on Him for who He is and what He does and of course for what He will do each day!

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