Our daily bread

Our daily bread

Luke 11 v 3 “Give us each day our daily bread.”

We go every day.

We don’t miss a day.

We don’t have a holiday.

We never get too busy to go.

We enter in to the presence of the Father’s care, honouring His beautiful name and desiring His kingdom to rule our lives. We then ask in light of the benefit to others.

We do this daily.

Daily persistence means that you and God are together every day with thoughts of others.

AND it is this persistence that changes you as you see the world through God’s eyes.

We don’t have to be like Moses wanting to give up and for God to end it all or like Jonah wanting to curl up and die or Elijah running into a cave of self-pity. We choose persistence. Daily.

What do we ask for? Bread. It is a physical and a spiritual matter, the source of life.

So often church prayers are reduced to a language we don’t understand:

“I I come before your heavenly throne and beseech you to endow us with an empowerment that may cascade from your throne and take us into dimensions of glory. I am a member of the crystal shore citizens blah blah blah.”


Give us each day our daily bread.

God doesn’t need to hear such lofty prayers.

He longs for reality from us.

He wants to hear prayers over what may even appear trivial matters.

He heard the prayer for wine at the party.

He hears the prayers from the hungry and the tired.

He hears the prayers from the poor, the powerless and the sick.

Today your daily bread may be so insignificant, but tell Him, don’t hold anything back.

Abba bread please. The bread I need today is …………………

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