Don’t miss Him

Don’t miss Him

Luke 19:46 “It is written,” he said to them, ” ‘My house will be a house of prayer’; but you have made it ‘a den of robbers’.”

The priests and people “did not recognize the time of God’s coming to you.” (v44) and maybe this was the reason. The heartbeat of their faith and community, the Temple, was the place where they met with God. It was the place where communication happened between them and God. However, Jesus reveals that this had stopped. It had become anything but that place. It was a trading place. Many would say it was still a place of sacrifice and worship. In fact, the trading was for the sacrifices. But the house had become something it was never meant to be.


How does Jesus think when this happens?

We know what he thought!

He had already done this once before (John 2) and here again he drives the traders out.

The money-changers had to be there, the traders had to be there for people to get the animals for sacrifice, but the priests and the traders were abusing the people by deceitfully making money from them. Others were taking short-cuts through the Temple courts to go about their business.


There were people in the Temple. The crowds were there. If numbers were everything then they had it all.

But they were missing it. The House was meant to be a place of communion with God. A place to speak and hear from Him. Without that they would surely miss every visitation from God.


Is your house a house of prayer?

I mean is your life a house of prayer?

Is your Church?

What has it become?

If what it has become has replaced what it was meant to be then you will miss what God is going to do and what He is saying.

A few months ago having served in leadership teams all my working life I walked into the most poisonous one that I have ever attended. It was terrible. I had to sadly dissolve that team because it was making a mockery of the house of God. How can we hear Him if the polluted noise is raging?

The Church in the UK needs to hear from God more than at any time before.

What is God saying?

When the preacher gets up to preach, ‘what is God saying?’

When leadership teams meet to discuss the ‘what next’, ‘what is God saying?’

When the Church looks out the window at a fallen world, ‘what is God saying?’

When it all goes wrong and you are on bended knee asking for His help, ‘what is God saying?’

Don’t miss what God is doing and will do simply because the house is too busy, or too toxic or too distracted.

The house, His house, your life, is created to speak and hear from God. Don’t miss Him.

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