What needs to go?

What needs to go?

Luke 19: 45 “Then he entered the temple area and began driving out those who were selling.”

The first place Jesus enters is the Temple area.

From the tears to the Temple.

Luke is briefer than the others in the description of what takes place.

‘He drives out’ are the same words used for when Jesus cast our evil spirits.

On those occasions he didn’t ask them nicely nor for a voluntary act of departure. No, he just forced them to leave. He became angry and his anger became forceful.

What makes you angry?

If you could drive out anything in the Church what would it be?

Jesus saw the selling as an anathema. It had to go.

What needs to go?

Here comes the problem and what the Church still tries to deal with.

The Church cannot self-clean.

It will come up with lists to do with appearances, authority and accuracy. The lists will come from its leaders.

The reason why the Priests hated Jesus for what he did with the traders was because they were receiving a cut from the trading. They were benefiting.

If we are going to do what Jesus did maybe we should start there, in the pulpit, with the leadership.

With the high office of responsibility and privilege there should be high accountability also.

Everyone knows the Church in the UK has been struggling for some time now.

May the Spirit of God shine a torch and sweep the Church from things that should never be in there. If that seriously affects its leadership so be it. If leaders become angry so be it.

As a leader my role is to lay my life down for the sheep. Nothing else. Let everything go so that this is what is left.

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