I am made for Truth

“9 out of 10 dentists, cats, budgies prefer, say, want ….”
“The deluxe range (which is the same product as the non-deluxe range).”
“Spending makes you HAPPY.”
I love this old advert: “Give your throat a vacation, smoke a fresh cigarette, smoke CAMELS.”

If you love films, then you must watch ‘True Story’. It tells the story of Michael Finkel who through a lot of cost to himself learnt the importance of telling true stories.

If you love dramas, then you must watch ‘The Capture’. It follows British soldier Shaun Emery and a case against him in which CCTV footage plays an important role. Surely CCTV cannot be wrong?!

Just because the story is amazing.
Just because the storyteller is charismatic and amazing.
Just because you desire to be part of the amazing.

Just because it has been amazing whilst it lasted.
It doesn’t make it true.

Next time it sounds unbelievable well just slow things down and check out the facts.

The Apostle says, “for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth.” Ephesians 5 v 9


You have many stories I am sure. I recall a man who went to Bible College many years ago for a 12 month course and had his spouse do every single essay for him. He passed, so she did well!

Truth is a person, Jesus.

But Truth can be put under great scrutiny itself. Lies can bring doubt to Truth.

Jesus was on trial for subverting the nation, opposing payment of taxes to Caesar, claiming to be the Messiah and stirring up the people all over Judea with his teaching.

Now here’s the point: You can see elements that are true but they are packaged in lies. There is a distortion of the truth. A misrepresentation of the accuracy of the situation. It is what the father of lies specialises in. All that needs to happen is to convince others to see just a glimpse of the accusation and then the lie has worked.

It is so difficult when people are speaking lies about you or when they believe things about you that are not true.

Here is what I have come to believe:

What is spoken against you is not as established as it may look.

What is spoken to you about someone else is not the evidence of the reality.

The lie against you can lead you into the destiny God has for you, it can become a servant.

It takes wisdom to dissect a lie.

It takes courage to walk through a lie.

Truth sets prisoners free even if they have wrongfully served years in prison.

Untangle the lies and Truth will lead you out.

Truth will bring something beautiful out of the ugliness of the situation.

Search for the Truth amongst the misconception and the path will become clear.

Truth is hard to discover when there is no sacrificial self-awareness.

Put Truth on the cross and wait for Him to rise to a new day.

I am made for Truth.

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