I am made to please Him.

How many woke up this morning knowing that today they want to please God?

Here’s a slightly different question:

How many woke up this morning knowing that they are pleasing to God?

In the middle of 50 activities of putting off and putting on the Apostle says this:

“Find out what pleases the Lord.” Ephesians 5 v10

Surely the answer is in the activities he mentions? “Do these things and you will please God.”

Why does Paul say this?

It is because pleasing the Lord is not found in activity.

Ingrained in us is the belief that God is not pleased with us and He wants more from us.

Of course activity is important. Sin hurts others. But sin also hurts us in that we will not love God as much but it will never mean He loves us less.

However, pleasing the Lord is not putting off or putting on. The opposite of pleasing is disappointing and many are fearing God because they don’t want Him to feel this way about them. So they work harder, they do more, they beat themselves up and it is because they fear.

Remember how Paul told us that we were predestined for His glorious grace? (Ephesians 1:5-6) That’s it. That is what pleases the Lord. His glory. That He be made known.

There are 2 key principles that have become the centre of my discipleship. These are my focus:

Live so God is seen

Love so I am not seen.

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