The Evidence of Christ

Already we are liking this group of believers that the Apostle is writing to. The Colossians are people who trust and love Christ and each other, they are gospel people with a sincere hope of heaven. Epaphras has brought a wonderful report “and who also told us of your love in the Spirit” (1:8)

The Spirit doesn’t divide.

The Spirit doesn’t give words to be spoken that destroys.

The Spirit doesn’t puff up the person speaking.

The Spirit doesn’t belittle a person who is hearing.

The Spirit doesn’t intimidate and sow fear into hearts.

The Spirit doesn’t ignore the preaching of the Word.

The Spirit doesn’t build apathy so only a few gather to pray.

The Spirit doesn’t remind others of their past failures.

The Spirit doesn’t make gurus or charismatic celebrities to be adored.

The Spirit doesn’t discourage ministers of the gospel.

The Spirit doesn’t abuse the people in the pew.

The Spirit doesn’t berate, humiliate or start arguments.

None of the above is the Spirit’s work.

When will we realise this? When will we be bothered?

When will the Church stop scoring own goals?

Epaphras had found evidence of the Spirit in Colossae. The Apostle had never visited. So the report was important.

Does Epaphras talk of the atmosphere of worship?

Does he speak of the sphere of prophecy and the other gifts?

Does he speak of miracles and the manifest presence of God?           

Does he even speak of how many people are in their Church buildings?


He speaks of Agape.

The Spirit breeds love.

Give me a spiritual man or woman and I will be sitting in a place of love for people.

That’s the Church Christ desired. That’s the Church the Spirit dwells in. That is the evidence.

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