Christ’s will for your life

What does God want from me? What should I do? I am at a crossroads? He just needs to tell me and I will do it.

I saw a cartoon someone sent me. The question was: “Lord, have I eaten too much during lockdown?” And in the sky above the question was a cloud shaped as a pig.

If only God would speak to us through shaped clouds!

I don’t hold to a prescriptive will of God for my life. I used to but having children changed my thinking. I have never been all that bothered what they did but who they were. Their relationship with me when they got to being adults was always more important than what they did in life.

I do hold to a life of submission and surrender of laying my life down for Him and others.

But the will of God isn’t an itinerary to follow after spending years trying to discover it. It isn’t a blueprint of a plan which tells you what to do and where to go. If only God would tell me? Why doesn’t he tell me? He tells everyone else but me? These can be destructive thoughts.

Let’s see what the Apostle says to the Colossian Christians who are facing an onslaught of false teaching that would tempt them away from their faith.

The Apostle has been praying, in fact since he got the report from Epaphras he hasn’t stopped, “For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives” (Colossians 1:9)

  1. There is a wisdom that comes from the Spirit. It is a wisdom regarding life and what God thinks about it. It is about who we are in that life.
  2. There is an understanding of that wisdom. Knowing how to apply that wisdom into life. For example, Christ loves so I love.

So what we see is this:

The Colossians had faith and love. They had hope of heaven. These were the Spirit’s work in their lives. The will of God stems from these 3 things:

I have confidence in Christ (faith)

I will love others (love)

I will see things from an eternal perspective (hope)

Who I am is more important than what I do.

I need to seek more about being the ‘who’ then the ‘what’ will flow from this person I am becoming.

Maybe God isn’t answering the ‘what’ prayers because He is waiting for us to acknowledge who we are first?

Maybe God isn’t that bothered about what we do but who we are becoming?

Maybe we have more freedom to do than be?

One Reply to “Christ’s will for your life”

  1. Father we shall continue to bring your people who you have chosen out of darkness, and equip them to do your will. Your body shall no longer be that sleeping giant tucked away in a corner. But your beautiful arisen church standing in all its glory and splendour awaiting her bride (hallelujah).
    Go before us 🙏

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