5 ways to handle people – how Jesus did it.

John is in prison. He begins to doubt and those doubts play havoc in his mind.

So he sends his disciples for proof. He just needs to know Jesus is the One. Even if he never gets out of the prison, even if he dies, he needs to know it has all been worth it.

Jesus has given them his response. He has been gracious and encouraging to John. They will return to the prison to confirm that Jesus is the One, the Messiah.

But then Matthew describes in a few words a scenario that will further strengthen John.

“As John’s disciples were leaving, Jesus began to speak to the crowd about John” (Matthew 11 v 7)

They could still hear Jesus speaking and that is the whole point. They would have more things to tell John. Maybe they slowed their pace down as they were listening?! That’s what I would have done.

  • What you say about someone is more powerful than what you say to them especially when they get to hear it from others.
  • When people are leaving you make sure they leave with the sound of Jesus.
  • Changing people’s allegiances isn’t always the most important thing, timing is everything. (They came and left as John’s disciples).
  • Your predicament (the prison) entrusted to Jesus can be an opportunity for a crowd to hear the good news.
  • Jesus is never embarrassed with your situation but will use it for His glory. (Jesus was more than willing to speak about John even if though he looked like a failure)

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