You have more freedom than the strong man.

The blind and mute man was not just struggling because of these infirmities but because as Matthew describes him he was demon-possessed.

Following his healing Jesus is accused of driving out the demon with the help of Satan. Jesus exposes this foolish thought and calls for them to use logical reason. He then gives a parable:

“Or again, how can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can plunder his house.” (Matthew 12 v 29)

Our imagery comes alive.

Satan is the strong man. He has a house, his kingdom. He has possessions, one of which was this blind and mute man who was being controlled by him.

How can this ‘possession’ be rescued?

Only if someone stronger can come and tie up the strong man. Jesus has just plundered the house of Satan. He has captured this ‘possession’. How did he do it? Only because he had first tied up Satan.

Of course we know that the cross and resurrection was the downfall of Satan’s house completely. But there was already evidence from the commencement of his ministry that Jesus managed to tie the strong man up and limit his authority. For example, his temptation victories (Matthew 4) and his freedom to give God’s forgiveness to any person (Matthew 9) along with the many healings expressly revealing that he was stronger than this strong man.

Over 21 years ago my church went through a difficult time but managed to do so encouraged by a prophetic message which was this: “The Church would have to walk past a snarling dog but we must know it is chained. The dog is only barking it will not hurt us.”

Whatever you are going through today and no matter how much you are afraid, because you follow Jesus you will know he has already plundered the house of the strong man and set you free. He is still tied up. You can keep walking. You will get through. You will continue to walk in authority because that strong man is not as free as you are!

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