3 things to do when it’s been one of those days!

“That same day Jesus went out of the house and sat by the lake.” (Matthew 13 v 1)

As we have seen over the last several days it was quite a day! They had brought to the house where Jesus was staying a demon-possessed blind and mute man. He had defeated Satan in that man’s life and set him free. He then faced the blasphemy charges and the scorn of the Pharisees and all along the crowds who needed rescuing from this religious legalistic system were watching. The house was full of people, expectations and tensions were high. Then his mother turns up with his brothers! It was one of those days!

And in one simple verses Matthew details for us 3 things that Jesus did and which we can adopt:

  • Change that day …. “that same day”

Some things can’t wait. Not even till tomorrow. You need to make a decision based on what is good for you. This is your day not ‘theirs’ and you have to steward it for yourself. Don’t lose it to the selfish agenda of another.

  • Change your environment …. “went out of the house”

Don’t hang around toxic cultures for too long. Look after yourself. When you enter into a situation always know where the exit points are.

  • Change your focus … “sat by the lake”

Within a short time the crowds were again surrounding Jesus. But for now he is sat beside the lake. The lake where most of his miracles and testimonies of salvation had taken and would take place. The lake of his joyous moments. The places for calling his disciples. There are times we all need to go and sit by such a lake.

3 things to do when it’s been one of those days!

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