His presence is the key to removing the uncertainty in who God is and what God is doing.

Here comes what appears to be a disappointing verse:-

When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. Then Jesus came to them and said … (Matthew 28 v 17-18)

The disappointing word of course is ‘doubted’, it is the English word for distázō.

‘They’ were the Eleven. But who were the ‘some’? This has led to so many views and I am sure many have greater thoughts on this than me today. However, what I know about myself is there are many times when I have been in that same place. I have been on my knees, hands in the air, worshipping the resurrected King.

That has been my position, my stance.

But equally I have had times when I would describe my position as a ‘double-stance’ (and that is what the word means).

I have been shifting between two positions, uncertain and so stuck in the middle.

So here’s the point:-

From a distance some worshipped and some shifted between positions of worship/belief and uncertainty. “Then (and let me add the words ‘and so’) Jesus came to them …”

His coming to them effects them, orientates them, commands them and gives them purpose. That’s what the presence of the Lord does even today.

The Great Commission moved them from the uncertainty of who He was, what He had done, who they were and what they should do now to the significance of living in His resurrection. His move to them would bring authority, the vision and their mission strategy and also the promise of His presence continually.

Some days we find ourselves unable to worship from a distance.

There are many today waking to uncertainty for so many reasons.

Jesus come to them by the power of your Spirit.

Move closer.

Let your presence envelop.

Speak words of purpose and direction.


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