Sunday short thought: Try not to misinterpret what you see, look through the lens of the Spirit.

We celebrate today on this Palm Sunday when Jesus rode into Jerusalem to the crowds cheering but who had totally misunderstood the scene. Jesus’ response was this: ‘I’m not that kind of hero’. I’m here as a different king to the one you are used to.”

They missed it then and we still do.

“You, however, are not in the realm of the flesh but are in the realm of the Spirit …” Romans 8 v 9

We see everything through a different lens now.

Daily we make the choice not to approach life the way the world does and not be governed by the desires and the longings that humanity has. We now know ‘the man on the donkey’ moment could well be God in Humility, the Suffering Servant and so we don’t dismiss or try to misinterpret what we see. For we train ourselves away from the domain and sphere of humanity to that of the Holy Spirit.

In doing so we step into the atmosphere of the Spirit where He breathes, moves, lives and acts through our lives, as we align ourselves with Him.

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