Shake off that accusation!

If you focus on the wrong you have done; what you don’t have then you will not be looking at what God has done for you and what God has given you.

“Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies.” (Romans 8 v 33)

It doesn’t matter where you look. 

Look up at the holy angels. Look down at the fallen angels. Look across the world to every person you have ever encountered. Look in the mirror and remember everything about your life, things open and hidden. 

Who can accuse you now that God has chosen and made you right in Jesus Christ?

It doesn’t mean that accusation isn’t there. 

The accuser is never that far away in some form or another.

His aim is to get you to believe what He is saying to you:

“I’m useless; I’m a failure; God dislikes me; God is disappointed in me; I’m lonely.”

For what you think you are is what you do. 

Sin happened because man didn’t know who he was in God and tried to become someone he was never intended to be.

You stand righteous in Jesus.

God will never accuse you. If He did it would mean His salvation was a failure. It wasn’t and He won’t.

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