Love must be sincere: outdo the others with affirmation

Do you know the experience of having that great idea but someone else gets the credit for it?

Have you been treated poorly but now have the opportunity to treat the same person a whole lot better?

Are you actually more deserving of gratefulness than the other person who you are now thinking of showing gratefulness to?

When the meal is finished in the restaurant are you more eager than anyone around the table to get the bill?

Do the opportunities to love with words and action come at the most inconvenient of times?

If so then you are very close to this next part of sincere love. Honour one another above yourselves, Romans 12:10

Honour: elevating someone else, high respect, esteeming them for who they are and what they have done.

In my culture we do this really well, when the person is dead. Not so much when they are alive!

We need to find new ways in fact many ways to bring honour to the person and their work.

We need to find the words.

We need to find the responses and the right reactions that will deflect from our thoughts and feelings to the elevation of the other. We need to become less …

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