I am praying for my ministers that I serve this morning. I think of one in hospital with cancer; one battling cancer; one about to go in for surgery; another battling mental health; another getting help for the emotional abusive treatment they received; the list goes on; and we haven’t looked at those in the pews yet. Nor gone overseas to our brothers and sisters facing terrible situations every day of their lives.

I am comforted with the truth that God gives endurance to get through the most difficult seasons of life.

May the God who gives endurance… Romans 15 v 5

The inner battles within that are conquered are often greater victories than some public display of success. People never just give up. They gave up behind the smiles and laughter a long time ago. No matter how resilient you are if you are not continually being empowered by Christ then you will fade.

The word endurance is the English translation of Hupomone. This Greek word the Apostle uses doesn’t mean to ‘pull your socks up’ or to ‘keep smiling’ under duress. It is rather a conquering patience with anything that life can throw at us knowing that God will always turn even evil into good!           

It is always too soon to give up because there is always God!

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