The Encouragement of God

I don’t know who you are nor what has gone on in your life but I do know He is here with you.

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement(Romans 15 v 5)

Where God is everything changes. He takes the bitter and makes them sweet; He takes the broken and heals their hearts; He picks up the fallen; He energises the tired; He cleanses the stained; He revives faith; He refreshes anointing; He renews His relationships; He encourages what is not there to be there.

Can you go again? Yes! Can you believe again? Yes!

He believes in you far more than you do. He is always speaking well of you before you have even done anything of merit. Your actions don’t bring His praise, you do, without doing anything.

He encourages you to change your position, to get up when you have been knocked down.

He encourages you to get ready and to have another go.

He encourages you to look again at His appointment of you for this world, you are chosen.

He encourages you to begin to serve Him where you are right now, to serve Him is to serve others.

He encourages you to lay your own agenda of what your life should be or what others expect and to live it out for Him alone.

How do I know this and how does He give this sort of encouragement?

In part it is the cry of our hearts in the place of solitude sat with an open Bible. In its fullest form it is a life of the consistent cry of our hearts with an open Bible where only He hears. It takes years to live this out but it can start today with a simple cry and a sure belief that “God gives endurance and encouragement”(Romans 15 v 5)

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