Honouring those on the journey who haven’t got there yet – Herodian

Do you know friends who have not arrived at the place where you are at? They haven’t become followers of Jesus … yet!

“Greet Herodion, my fellow Jew” (Romans 16 v11)

That’s all we know, a fellow Jew, just like the Apostle.

Why didn’t Paul give more indication that Herodian was more than a Jew?

In one of the churches in my region the Pastor has a relative who faithfully comes every Sunday. He’s not yet a committed follower of Jesus but he seemingly attends more than some followers! He is prayed for and welcomed in the church. He is not spoken of quietly but as if he was one of them. It’s a testimony to the heart of this welcoming church.

In another church plant recently a man wonderfully committed himself to Christ by being baptised, prior to this he was seeking as he served on the leadership team! Those who have never done a church plant themselves will not understand that planters use and honour whatever God gives them. That may be signed up fully committed, 2 baptisms and a regular tithe cheque members but also those who are not sure yet. I actually think the 12 disciples were filled with all kinds of doubts and malfunctioning behaviours in those early years of being on the team.

The Apostle in greeting Herodian may be letting us into an important principle of honouring those on the journey as much as those who have reached their destination. Give people time. Give the Spirit time as He journeys with them to the place of surrender to Jesus Christ.

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