Remember those who have carried grief – Narcissus.

Sometimes we only have to mention a name and those that know remember the painful season they went through.

“Greet those in the household of Narcissus who are in the Lord.” (Romans 16 v 11b)

Narcissus was a secretary to the Emperor Claudius.

He died in AD 54.

How did that happen?

Narcissus informed Claudius that the Emperors 3rd wife had actually got married to her secret lover. He obtained the permission to kill the 2 lovers. He was then promoted.

Claudius soon married his own niece who began a feud with Narcissus resulting in her killing the Emperor by poisoning in AD 54 and soon after her son then arrested Narcissus and forced him to commit suicide. And you think you have a family story?!!

Everyone who read the sentence found in verse 11 knew this story except mine is ultra-brief.

And like the readers of the Apostle’s letter we too know stories filled with grief and pain. Just the mention of a name and the story is relived. Some are really close to the story and it is a season they will never forget. Let’s not forget them. Remember those who have carried the most difficult of stories. The story is often paused within them, it never goes away; they just try and learn to live with it.

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