We are with you.

“We are with you.” That’s what I wrote a couple of days ago to someone going through a terrible season. It means we will be in communication with you regularly; it means someone has already offered to cook meals; it means visits to pray with them; it means mobilising intercessors to pray; and it means raising finances that are needed to see them through. 

“Greet Philologus, Julia, Nereus and his sister, and Olympasand all the Lord’s people who are with them.” (Romans 16 v 15)

Here’s another of the house churches that Paul sends greetings to. 

See past the names to those beautiful words, ‘all the Lord’s people who are with them’. 

How do people get through life without the support of these smaller church gatherings?

Those who have tried to be a disciple without the Church soon realise they are on their own when trouble strikes.

Today maybe you can send a message to someone, ‘we are with you’, with all that this entails for you, it will certainly be a source of encouragement to them to keep going.

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