Pucker up

“Greet one another with a holy kiss.” (Romans 16:16)

So wherever you are reading this from in the world you might have a different way to greet one another.

A Tibetan? You might be sticking your tongue out!

An Indian? You might be kneeling and touching the feet of the other.

From South East Asia? You could be touching noses.

A European? Depending on the country you will be doing some air-kisses from one, two or even three times!

The Apostle has a European flavour but it has to be a holy one!


It seems Paul is wanting them to physically connect. To know the power of touch.

He wanted them to have something tangible happen in their greeting.

“Give each other a big hug” or if you’re a more conservative Christian, “Give each other a hearty hand-shake”.

A cursory look online at the traumatic sad stories of feral children raised with little or zero human contact and you realise the power of touch.

Greet one another not only with words but make sure you all know the feeling of being loved, appreciated and wanted. The power of touch heals, restores and connects us into a wholesomeness of our well-being. Perhaps Paul was on to something which we now know is vital for our lives. So go hug someone today or pucker up so long as it’s holy. If you’re nervous, sanitise your hands for a really good handshake.

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