Who does it belong to?

Tread carefully; you are not there for yourself.

Speak well of it; never write it off for it always has the ability to bounce back.

Contribute towards it; play your part, it is where you will be the best version of you.

Don’t try to control it with your own agenda of what it should be.

Don’t manipulate it so that you can be seen more prominently.

“All the churches of Christ send greetings.” (Romans 16 v 16)

Who is he referring to?

Maybe it’s those representatives of churches who have gathered in Corinth to help him take the offering to Jerusalem. You can read about that in Acts 20. Maybe they sent their greetings.

Whoever these churches were they were ‘of Christ’.

It’s not a bad thing to remind ourselves who the church belongs to.

It’s not the Pastor, the trustees, the denomination or the people. It is Christ!

“I think, they think, we think” is not half as interesting as ‘what does Christ think?”

The Church belongs to Christ.

The Church bears all the hallmarks of God. The Church has His Word, His Provision and we are the Chosen appointed people of God. We are the presence of God, the Holy Spirit is manifested through us, the church.

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