My team – Jason and Sosipater teach us the cost of accompaniment.

These 2 were also in Corinth and send their greetings through Paul.

“Timothy, my co-worker, sends his greetings to you, as do Lucius, Jason and Sosipater, my fellow Jews.” (Romans 16 v 21)

Sosipater which was abbreviated to Sopater in Acts 20:4 was part of the magnificent seven who accompanied Paul heading back to Jerusalem. That’s all we know about him. But that’s not to be ignored. Think of the people who have accompanied you through life. You will be able to name them. They stayed by your side when others had left. They encouraged you to keep going when you doubted. They didn’t want the limelight they just wanted to accompany you. Importantly they have paid a price for this journey on many occasions.

Where Sosipater would teach us the importance of accompanying someone, Jason would give us examples of the price that needs to be paid at times.

Paul experienced a move of God in Thessalonica. All we know of Jason is that since converting to Christ he faced trouble. Jason had shown hospitality to the Apostle in his house and because of this he was accused of hiding Paul from the authorities.  His house were searched, he was manhandled and dragged before the authorities. Did he sign up for this when he gave his life to Christ? Yes most definitely. This was the price of being part of Paul’s team.

My friend and CEO of Release International, Paul Robinson, posted this week a powerful quote from a missions co-ordinator serving the work of God in northern Nigeria where so many killings and abductions of Christians are taking place right now.

‘To preach the gospel for us is to die, to be safe is to stop preaching the gospel … The gospel in Nigeria cannot be preached without casualties.” Such a powerful quote!

Accompanying the Apostle to Jerusalem, the church planting in Thessalonica, the preaching of the gospel in The Sahel, accompanying your own life or you journeying with someone else, there is a price to pay. Jason and Sosipater teach us that paying that price is worth it.

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