My team – Tertius who teaches us the importance of giving permission for the authenticity of life.

Peter used Silas as his secretary (1 Peter 5:12) and here we see the only mention of Tertius.

“I, Tertius, who wrote down this letter, greet you in the Lord.” (Romans 16 v 22)

Imagination kicks in as we think what just happened? Did Tertius interrupt the Apostle and say ‘I want to say hello too’? Was Paul distracted for a moment by someone entering into the room and Tertius took the opportunity to add his own personal greetings?

Whatever it was I see a lovely permission culture that the Apostle had created within his team. Tertius wasn’t ruled by fear of stepping out of line. He was being dictated to in writing the letter however not by a dictator where there was no room for him to make a suggestion.

It is a reminder to us of the Bible revealing the human story. These people were just like you and me. A complete different culture perhaps but the same human beings trying to handle circumstances of life and work, just like us.

Perhaps you are dictating to someone today or whatever the equivalent of that maybe then allow freedom of movement, permission for the human story to take place which might not be yours, but ultimately gets into the story of God.

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