Sunday small thought: Look!

Having had his head down and transcribing what Jesus is seeing in the seven churches John puts his pen down. “After this I looked …” (4 v 1)

After this? After the death of your loved one? After the Queen’s death? After the war? After that relationship ended? After that job finished? After that diagnosis? After this.

Whatever has happened to you or to your friends and family, to your church, it is what you do next that counts. “I looked.”

‘After this’ is not a time to wallow in self-pity, anger or disappointment. It is the time for a new chapter for you. You can have a new day if you want. If you do then it starts with this, ‘I looked’. You are looking away from what you have been involved with in order to look on something new.

Perhaps this is what you need to do this Sunday morning.

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