Grab hold of your thoughts

Having burst out with a hymn-like opening of his letter regarding our salvation Peter starts the next section with an important word.

“Therefore, with minds that are alert … “(1 v 13)

He will write about actions that we must take including ‘’minds that are alert’ but he wants to emphasise that they all spring from the ‘therefore’ formed from salvation. We are saved because Jesus finished the work so that we can walk out our salvation and so being faithful in doing the work of God.

Here is the first action: grab hold of your thoughts.

On to my social feeds this morning came the first two messages. One had been diagnosed with Leukaemia and the other was announcing that her sister had passed away suddenly. Why do I share this that has already been shared? It is because every single day people have to struggle and some have to suffer. We all know it to some degree or the other. It is to people who know these experiences that Peter says literally, ‘gird up the mind’ giving the picture of gathering your loose garments and tucking them in with a belt in order to be more free to move.

If you want to survive the suffering then you need to grab hold of your thoughts. If you want to get through the battle then you need to win the battle of your mind. Don’t allow random, sloppy, negative thoughts to remain. Control those thoughts, defeat them, it’s a struggle but doing so will enable you to break through.

Are you ready for the next season? Are you ready for the Spirit to take you on a new journey? Are you ready for the race? Are you ready for the warfare? Are you ready for the great exploits God has in store for you? Are you ready to be used by God?

Are you ready?

Then make sure you have grabbed hold of your thoughts.

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