Get your head in the game

After telling us to grab hold of our thoughts, ‘minds that are alert’ Peter says this, “Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober …” (1 v 13)

I like The Message: “get your head in the game”.

It is to set your thought patterns positively.

It is to fix your mind away from the voices of your enemy, to say, “I choose to purposely think opposite thoughts.’ We become vigilant to the opportunist accuser who is waiting to trip us up, shut us down and contain our lives and ministries.

It is to choose thoughts that choose a new path, a new way forward and a new day. We all seek those. Our thoughts take us there.

I think starting as early as you can before the day begins is essential. Before the social media kicks in and your phone starts pinging with news and messages. What will today be like for you? Make sure you are sober-minded. For one thing you can be sure of your mind will be attacked with many things seeking to stop you moving into the things God has planned for you.

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