We are all going to need His grace not just the high and mighty who have fallen

So we ‘grab hold of our thoughts’ and ‘get our heads into the game’ but what we don’t do is give ourselves some kind of pep talk and become determined to perform our way through life. No! That’s akin to a yo-yo diet.

Peter says this, “…set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.” (1 v 13)

Peter will call us to live holy lives but first he calls for us to focus our thinking and place our hope on His grace. Our best holiness will still need to be surrendered to his pure grace.

On that last day when each one of us stands before Jesus Christ it will not be because we have lived such holy lives that will enable us to stand. We are right now hearing of another Christian celebrity who may have lived a double life and if there are people who have been hurt because of this leader then judgment here on earth is rightly distributed. Even if we think we are far better than this leader or even perhaps you feel your life is worse, the same truth remains: the only way anyone of us will be able to stand before Jesus Christ is His pure grace not our pure works.

Grace wasn’t only given for that day when we came into the revelation of Jesus and began to follow Him having our sins cleansed; it isn’t only for today when each day is a day of His unmerited favour and blessing on our lives; it is definitely for our future when we stand before Him.

We are all going to need His grace. Grace will be there. So let’s set our hope on it today.

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