Psalm 52

Psalm 52
Day 52: Be blessed
1 Samuel 22 tells the story of an evil man called Doeg who betrayed David and Ahimelech and it ended in the slaughter of many lives.
We all know the feelings that come when someone has set us up to fail. When betrayal has come to us our response is like this song:
Why? Why did you do this?
This is wrong. You are back to front in your value-system.
Surely God cannot bless you!
God will judge you!

However the song takes us beyond these feelings to the place of where we are positioned.
I am like an olive tree!
How important this description is.
Olive trees live and produce fruit in spite of harsh circumstances.
Olive trees are difficult to kill, even when they are axed to the ground they will produce new life and grow again.
Olives from the trees are grown to be crushed in the Bible. There were four pressings each having a different quality and use. The first pressing of the olives were set aside for the temple worship.
The reason why blessing is yours is because even in betrayal you still live in God and God produces amazing things through your life. Even though you have been brought low, you rise again. Even when crushed out of you flows anointing oil that is fit for worship.
I am sure many can testify to this today!

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