Psalm 93 Day 93: Be blessed “Thousands

Psalm 93
Day 93: Be blessed

“Thousands take to the streets to celebrate birth”
“It’s a boy”
“There are now three heirs in waiting while the sovereign is fit and well, and that’s a first.”
Outside the palace: “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 4.24pm today. Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well.”
At this moment as I write this devotion we are in a special moment of history as the above quotes and many more reveal.
His name will be revealed shortly.
He is third in line to the throne.
He will one day be head of state of 16 countries.
But today join with me to shout aloud Psalm 93!
His name has been revealed, “I am The Lord!”
He is already on the throne!
He reigns over all the earth and is from all eternity!

Make Him your King now and let Him rule your life, v1.
Let Him come to you with strength, v1.
Acknowledge His might which is above your biggest challenge, v3-4.
Comfort in the understanding that to the very end God will be here, v5.

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote this:
The stars shine over the mountains,
the stars shine over the sea,
The stars look up to the mighty God,
the stars look down on me;
The stars shall last for a million years,
a million years and a day,
But God and I will live and love,
when the stars have passed away.

Forever, endless, eternal.
Ruler, stronger, mightier.
A King!
And this is why you are blessed!

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