Psalm 94 Day 94: Be blessed George Alexa

Psalm 94
Day 94: Be blessed

George Alexander Louis – His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.
I wonder what kind of leader this cute and innocent baby will become.
These are the kind of thoughts that the Psalmist has. Most probably he was looking back on the 55 year reign of the worst king ever to come out of Judah, Manasseh. He didn’t intend to become corrupt, he wanted to do good but found that good could come from evil actions. Yet God never did honour him like he had hoped. A corrupt throne will never fellowship with God, v20.
The Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 3:20 quoted from this Psalm, it spoke into his generation as it does ours. Maybe you can remember personal examples or know of the corrupt throne who led for a season.
You know of that leader who truly believed that they were above the law, or the policy and procedures or just plain goodness because they were the leader. They managed to delude themselves into thinking they’re wrong behaviour was for the greater good. Power can intoxicate.
So what are the differences between the corrupt and the good leader?
Corrupt leaders:
1. Appear happy and build an atmosphere of joy and celebrating success, v3.
2. Are arrogant and boast of how good they are and brag at the good they have done, v4.
3. Leave behind them a trail of broken people, v5.
4. Get rid of people that cannot be used for their own gain, v6.
5. Begin to believe that what they do is acceptable, even to God, v7.
6. Are foolish, v8-10.
7. Will be judged and repaid, v23.
Good leaders:
1. Are blessed through submitting to correction, training, self-control and accountability, v12.
2. Are blessed through growing in the knowledge of God from studying the Bible, v12.
3. Are blessed with an inner calm in the days of outer storms, v13.
4. Are blessed with an ever-present God, v14.
5. Are blessed with a no-compromising heart, v15.
6. Are blessed not by being perfect but by being supported by the Perfect, v17-20.
7. Are blessed because all their security is in God alone, v22.

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