Psalm 95 Day 95: Be blessed No one will

Psalm 95
Day 95: Be blessed

No one will ever forget what September 11th stands for. There were so many heroes that day. One such hero was Isaac Hoopii who was outside the Pentagon building. Wearing only his short-sleeved blue police uniform he ran into the blackness of the building. He called out, “Is anybody in here?” Wayne Sinclair and five colleagues were crawling through rubble directionless when they heard his voice. They cried out, and Hoopii responded. “Head toward my voice.” Following his voice, they soon made their way out of the crumbling building.
Today if you hear His voice…. V7
There are people today, without direction, confused and in danger and they need to head toward the voice of Jesus.
You are in a 24hr. period that you will never have again, you didn’t have it yesterday and you won’t have it tomorrow.
Satan is out to attack your today. He’s not interested in tomorrow but today. He’s planning to mess it up, cause problems, to do everything he can to make it into a bad day. He uses yesterday to do that and he knows if he can destroy today he has broken your tomorrow.
God wants to keep today good. At the beginning of time at the end of each day God saw that it was good. He loves today. He loves the opportunity of now.
He’s interested in the right now, this day. The most important time for God is now. Despite the attacks of Satan. Despite the circumstances and situations that are not good. To get to the end of this day and be able to look upon our Lord and say ‘Today has been a good day, I’ve kept it good, I have been listening for your voice’
The blessed life is the life that listens, hears and obeys.

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