Psalm 96 Day 96: Be blessed v2 Day after

Psalm 96
Day 96: Be blessed

v2 Day after day, every single day, today, tomorrow and the next day proclaim continually without ceasing that God has saved you!

Yesterday I was fascinated by the story of a racing pigeon which got lost at sea but was saved 300 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean by the crew of a Royal Navy frigate.
The exhausted bird was named Paul by crew members when she landed on the deck of HMS Somerset a week ago.
The bird’s ID ring allowed the crew to track down the owner from Redcar, Cleveland, who said she had been released for a cross-Channel race from France.
Why this bird decided to wander from the English Channel to the second largest ocean only God knows! I am sure Paul is eternally grateful for the Royal Navy.
Yesterday I was also privileged to visit Europe’s largest female prison and the only purpose-built private prison solely for women in the UK. One lady I met seemed to be spending her whole life returning to that very same prison. A lifetime of bad decisions and she was so adamant that there was no God. I was equally adamant in my mind that she needed saving.
Today you know people who are blown off course or choosing wrongly and are not where they should be. You were once that person. Remember that day when you were lost and then saved? Never lose the joy and the loud demonstration of your salvation.
The Psalmist calls the whole earth and the heavens to join with him in song for the salvation of God.
You would never have saved yourself. It was impossible. God paid it all. His infinite cost to Himself saved you.
Let me say this again. God owes you nothing. Not an answer to prayer, not a penny. You haven’t done a thing to earn anything from Him. You never will.
He has saved you.
Today shout it aloud, live it loud, you were once lost but He found you and saved you.
This is why you are blessed!

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