There is a nicer place to be at

There is a nicer place to be at

Acts 22:1 ““Brothers and fathers, listen now to my defense.”

The way Paul addresses the crowd is how Stephen did at his defence in chapter 7 verse 2. It appears to be that this was the Jewish way in order to show respect.

However let’s not forget that the people Paul is now respecting were the ones who were trying to kill him only a short while ago!

This is extravagant and amazingly instant forgiveness from Paul or it is because he refuses to stoop to the level they are at and will not be disrespectful no matter who the people are and what they have done.

Maybe today you have been hurt. Maybe people are talking about you. It could be that you have been disrespected or worse. But you have a choice how you respond and conduct yourself. Don’t lose your dignity. Don’t be unkind. No matter how bad you feel. You can hold your head up high and speak to people how you would want to be spoken to. You can be better than your enemy and those who have been against you. You can rise to a nicer level.


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