The language of the people

The language of the people

Acts 22:2 “When they heard him speak to them in Aramaic, they became very quiet.”

They had expected Greek and Paul could have spoken it. But if he had it would have only confirmed that he was worthy of death being someone who was turning away from Judaism.

But he spoke in their mother tongue, in Aramaic. It was some proof to show them that he would not dishonour the Hebrew Scriptures as an Aramaic-speaking man and they were wrong to try and get rid of him. Whether it did or not remains to be seen as we continue to read the account. But for now, it silenced them.

What can you give, do or tell of yourself that may cause people to listen? How can you build a bridge so that they give you their attention?

Maybe before you give the message to a person you focus on how you deliver it. Maybe people are not put off Christ because of the message but the messenger. Maybe the Church has lost ground in being able to communicate effectively and the presentation offends and becomes a greater stumbling block to the message.

Maybe you need to learn another language. The language of the people.

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