Leadership Change

Leadership Change

Acts 24:27 “When two years had passed, Felix was succeeded by Porcius Festus, but because Felix wanted to grant a favour to the Jews, he left Paul in prison.”

A change of leadership can often mean everything changes.

It changed for Felix. Josephus writes of this change as being more of a recalling by Nero than any retirement or voluntary stepping aside. Felix carried defeat in his heart, perhaps he was too angry and twisted to feel regret, but whoever stepped in as successor would be assured of not being able to lead as badly as him.

It changed for Festus. Following a bad leader can be difficult to adjust to the cynicism and anger within the society, so much so that without applied wisdom it can appear that it was better with a bad leader than a weak leader. Festus didn’t last long probably only 2 years.

It changed for the Jews. Felix did something for them for once. Most probably connected to him trying to stop their continued complaints to Nero he tried to placate them by not ending the trial of Paul and so keeping him in prison. Deals done at the last minute by those exiting are often bad deals. But with Festus they would find a greater listening ear.

It changed for Paul. He had waited in limbo for 2 years. Now with the change of leader there was a new appetite to get the problem (him) sorted. He must have been very frustrated to not be able to be mobilised for the gospel.

It changed for Luke. Luke had stayed with Paul and had used the 2 years to most probably get the information to write his gospel and the majority of Acts. It is believed Paul also wrote to the Philippians in prison. Luke was facing a new chapter and a new page. The story continued.

Now look back to see the underlined words.

In the time of leadership change (whether that leader or the people want change or not) there are always:

Assurances: a perceived belief that life will be better.

Acumen: the need for this is crucial for all, the leader and the led, early good judgments and small victories brought about by some quick decisions are essential.

Arrangement: a jostling, moving into position, trying to make gains in the short vacuum of leadership, people arranging themselves sometimes with further discord.

Appetite: new ones, to deal with complexities left undone.

Advancement: of the story, the excitement of action

We shall see how the new leader gets on in the next few days!

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