A leader in the heat of the battle – that could be you!

A leader in the heat of the battle – that could be you!

Acts 25:1 “Three days after arriving in the province, Festus went up from Caesarea to Jerusalem”

There isn’t a lot known about Festus except that he ruled for 3 years (AD 59-62) until his death. Josephus writes of him being an honourable man but he had major challenges ranging from the Jews and Greeks fighting in Caesarea to a group of Jewish zealots called Sicarii who carried very small daggers (that’s the meaning of their name) and who opposed the Roman occupation of their land. In Jerusalem the Jews had erected a very high temple wall so that no one could see what was happening in the inner courts especially any Roman officials and there was also at that time a Messiah pretender leading people into the desert. So, welcome to your new role Festus!

After 3 days he is on his way to the centre of the divide, the hub of activity of the major problems, to Jerusalem.

In the first year of taking office, President Trump visited Saudi Arabia (to address terrorism), Israel (for peace with the Palestinians), Vatican City (to meet the Pope), Brussels (NATO allies) and then Italy (G7 leaders). I don’t want to get into any thoughts of Trump except every major world leader’s first visits become headline news, as these did.

The headline news for Festus was that his first visit after arriving into office in Caesarea was to go to Jerusalem. For him he not only needed to meet the main religious and political leaders but he also wanted to get into the heart of one of his major challenges.

A leader is not afraid to go into the heat of the battle.

So today, go and face it, don’t make it a side issue. What needs to be sorted out? How long are you going to be in this position/place to make a difference? You don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but today you know that in ‘Jerusalem’ lies the centre of the problems. Get ‘Jerusalem’ solved and the effect will be far-reaching. Go and speak to the right people, have the right conversation, don’t be afraid.

Jerusalem could not be solved by staying in Caesarea. It could not be solved by thinking about it and talking to friends and discussing the different opinions. Jerusalem had to be visited. So go and make some headline news today.



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