Acts 27:13 “When a gentle south wind began to blow, they thought they had obtained what they wanted; so they weighed anchor and sailed along the shore of Crete.”


I was reflecting last night on my childhood when my father before 10pm and bed time would go into the kitchen and make some supper and listen to the shipping forecast.

I am not sure why he did that. We didn’t live anywhere near the coast and there was no fisherman in our family. But that was when I began to hear of north westerly and south winds in some place I had never heard of.

I have friends who live on a small island and the wind forecasts is really important to them as it even causes them to change their route because certain roads may be battered by the sea waves racing in.

Some people go through their whole life understanding and adjusting to the storms and winds of our amazing world.

Some people are battered by life.

Some people have no experience of that.

Some people know that winds are not pure enemies. Some appreciate the gentle breezes that enable the motivation or provocation to move into new chapters of life.

Some people don’t like any change at all.

Some people get deceived by the winds of life. They think the gentle wind will continue and they set out in a direction not realising that it can all change in a moment.

Some people remain unmoved.

My thinking:

  1. The natural world is to be understood and so is the spiritual world.
  2. We are foolish if we don’t believe in spiritual enemies.
  3. Wisdom is the key.
  4. Our spiritual enemies ultimately desire to deceive us.
  5. Those who don’t experience winds, never go anywhere.


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