Acts 27:14 “Before very long, a wind of hurricane force, called the Northeaster, swept down from the island.”

The harbour faced both southwest and northwest and it was quite unique meaning that at certain times of the year the harbour was the safest place to be. Even though Paul wanted to get to Rome he advised against continuing from the harbour, but he was in the minority.

So they lifted their anchor and sailed onward, close and safe (so they thought) to the island.

Then it happened … the typhoon. It didn’t come from the open sea pushing them against the rocks where the ship would be broken up. It came from across Crete and pushed them away from their intended purpose of keeping close to the island.

My thoughts:

  1. Typhoons happen in typhoon season: wisdom or perhaps common-sense tells us when the spiritual attacks are likely to come, preparation is everything.
  2. When typhoons happen it is not business as usual: spiritual attacks debilitate and adjustment is needed.
  3. Typhoons can begin as gentle winds: spiritual attacks can be birthed out of a place of deception.
  4. Typhoons can receive descriptive names: the identity of spiritual attacks is important for the overcoming of them.
  5. Typhoons push you away: spiritual attacks will always push you away from your purpose.

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