Where is your lifeboat?

Where is your lifeboat?

Acts 27:16 “As we passed to the lee of a small island called Cauda, we were hardly able to make the lifeboat secure”

Each ship would be towing a smaller boat (a lifeboat) behind them. In a storm you can imagine the scene; the boat would be crashing against the ship and in danger of causing damage to itself and even to the ship, it would be taking on water and submerging. The crew and passengers were all trying to keep the boat secure but it looks like they were failing.

Where is your security today?

Is it in a person, a job, finances, your home or family?

Anyone of these can at times struggle in the storms of life as much as you do. Storms can take you to the edge where you are trying to secure your security that has now become very insecure.

Of course there is only ever One who can be totally relied upon for our security and it is God alone.

We can imagine those on board trying desperately to balance the smaller boat, maybe if they could do this they could get to the island and to safety. All their best efforts are failing. Their lifeboat is becoming a death boat. Hopes are fading. Ideas are running out. If it carries on like this all they will have left is a cry of mercy. When your lifeboat is out of control then everything is hopeless. Make sure your lifeboat is God.


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