Do something!

Do something!

Acts 28:9 “When this had happened, the rest of the sick on the island came and were cured.”

Some things have got to happen first.

‘Paul had entered the room where the father of Publius lay sick, he saw, he prayed and he laid his hands on the man and he was healed. When that happened, a crowd came knocking at the door and there was a revival in Malta.

In our longing for such revival scenes our thoughts are on an unexplainable move of God that causes masses to gather at the church in their need of Him. We have all prayed for such moves of God. The vision is easy and it is clear. But we forget that in every move of God there has been at some point prior to that event a move of man. God’s people have moved whether that be in prayer or in action. Recently someone told me that at the recent church prayer meeting only 2 people had come to it. If the Church isn’t going to move then why should God? Let me say it again, if Paul had not gone into the room of the sick man, if that had not happened, then the crowds would not have come.

Maybe your tomorrow is waiting for something to happen today where it can be said, “when this had happened …”

Your action today can be a catalyst for revival tomorrow.

You deal in single numbers today but tomorrow you deal with crowds.

You enter a room today but tomorrow a nation is cured!

Make something happen today, do what you can and tomorrow the unexplainable and what you cannot do may just indeed happen!

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