Create the WOW moment

Create the WOW moment

Acts 28:10 “They honoured us in many ways; and when we were ready to sail, they furnished us with the supplies we needed.”

For 3 months the islanders supplied all the prisoners and soldier’s needs. Whatever it was whether food or shelter nothing was too much or beyond their reach of help. Don’t we just love such generous people? But there was of course more.

“They honoured us in so many ways.”

Honour: elevating someone else, high respect, esteeming them for who they are and what they have done.

In my culture we do this really well, when the person is dead. Not so much when they are alive!

‘Many ways’: we need to find new ways in fact many ways to bring honour to the person and their work.

We need to find the words.

We need to find the responses and the right reactions that will deflect from our thoughts and feelings to the elevation of the other. We need to become less …

We need to make things easier not harder for them. It is not just meeting any need but it is to imaginatively extend much grace to them beyond any hope they might have had. It is to act in such a way that the person is speechless. It is to create the WOW moment.

This is not about creating demi-god statuses or creating the thought that the person is perfect. They are not and we may not agree with everything they are doing or have done. We may not understand their course of action. But we choose today to honour and not dishonour their name even if they are all prisoners and are somewhat lesser than us.

Self-centred people cannot do this, they are incapable for it has to be about them or it has be about justice. Grace-givers are few, honour-hosts are even less. But today we all have the opportunity to be one, to be different, to stand out in the crowd and to honour someone who is alive.



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