Prayer opens heaven

Prayer opens heaven


Luke 3: 21 “When all the people were being baptized, Jesus was baptized too. And as he was praying, heaven was opened …”

Jesus prays and heaven opens.

“For years Christians have known that every great spiritual awakening is born in a remnant committed to prayer. Countless books call people to prayer and emphasise the importance God places on His people’s praying. Yet we must answer one sobering question: If prayer is so important, why do most Christians and churches do so little of what God deems essential? We have more money, more buildings, more ministries, more media, and more people but less power than at any time in church history. We have ministers for every age group. Yet few Christians can claim that they are spiritually stronger today than they were a year ago.

We measure the success of our churches in comparison to others, saying “we are making a difference,” but on our best Sunday our combined attendance is dwarfed by the number of unchurched people. When one considers these facts, an obvious cry grips the heart. There must be more. Where is the power? The answer, quite simply, is that power has always been accessible. We are the ones who have not been available.

Every great spiritual awakening, in our nation and around the world, has had as its foundation a people who were committed to prayer.

Today we have the same opportunity for revival. We stand at the door of a passing opportunity at a critical hour in our history. Our response to this call to prayer could determine if we as a people see the glory of God and experience an outpouring of His Spirit on us or if we continue with business as usual: great churches with great fellowship and great people but with little power.”

Watchman by L.Thompson.


As you and the Church pray today, may heaven open …

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