I am more than what people think

I am more than what people think

Luke 3: 23 “Now Jesus himself was about thirty years old when he began his ministry. He was the son, so it was thought, of Joseph”

Luke has found a different family tree to that of Matthew and no one knows accurately why that is so.

Matthew’s list is from Abraham to Jesus.

Luke’s list is Jesus to Adam. Luke’s has more names than Matthew.

Two thousand years can make a huge difference to our understanding and we have no evidence to help us though many speculate.

Luke places this genealogy which ends with ‘the son of God’ within the context of the voice from heaven saying “You are my son.” He also commences it with “He was the son, so it was thought, of Joseph.”

Jesus is not only the Messiah for the Jews but for the whole world and this genealogy shows that not only is he the eternal Son of God but also the son of Adam and here is another important point … the adopted son of Joseph, so it was thought.

Joseph was a carpenter and probably older than his wife Mary, he seemed to have died by the time Jesus commences his public ministry. After the virgin birth they had other children. When Joseph found out about Mary he was going to divorce her but angelic intervention changed those plans. And so, he adopted Jesus. That’s what people thought, Luke says.

But then comes the genealogy! Jesus is much bigger than that adoption by a carpenter. He is from a line dating back to the creation of the world and according to the voice from heaven even beyond that too!

It doesn’t matter how you started. You may have been rejected or accepted. You may come through a natural family or an adopted one. A loving or abusive. However it was for you, that’s not the identity of your life in any case. You start and end in God. Your beginning is in Him and you end in Him. He knew you when you were conceived and He will hold your hand when you die. He is with you in this earthly home and will walk with you into your eternal one.

For those (and there could be many) who adopted you through this life, be thankful, but know that there has been a far greater adoption of you, from God Himself. You belong to Him.

People may have thoughts about how you began, but today you know who created you, who sustained you, who saved you and who walked with you to this moment.

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